03/10/2017 KNE

Trump and the Iran nuclear deal

The Trump administration lacks a coherent policy on Iran. Important members of the cabinet have publicly supported the Iran deal, yet Trump has threatened to unilaterally withdraw from it repeatedly. On October 15 he could decertify that Iran is adhering to the nuclear deal, making the deal effectively meaningless. This could potentially create a nuclear armed rogue Iran that would be completely in opposition with the long-term national security interests of the US, Europe and Israel.

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29/06/2017 KNE

The Indian GST: Another botched reform

India’s Goods and Service Tax is far from a true economic reform but rather the product of a political compromise in a wildly diverse country. It disregards economic principles and is full of imperfections. Nonetheless small steps forward are better than nothing.

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14/06/2017 KNE

The implications of the election result on the Brexit negotiations

Theresa May's gamble to not only extend the Conservative Party’s majority in the Commons, but also to protect her position as prime minister utterly failed. It is time for May to change her strategy and stop viewing the negotiations as a battle between the UK and the EU.

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24/05/2017 KNE

The Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz - Germany’s proposed law to ban online hate speech

The proposed law with the long name aims to rid social network sites of hate speech. The decision process would be outsourced to private companies, meaning any controversial content would be deleted in order to avoid draconic fines without having to justify their reasoning. As most hate speech lies in a legal grey zone, Facebook et. al. would be able to decide what is morally acceptable online. The proposed law ultimately risks censoring nonconformist opinions or at least driving them further away from societal mainstream (or at least social networks).

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16/05/2017 KNE

The end of the Schulz honeymoon

Despite the surge in national polls and a huge media hype, Germany's Social Democrats have lost to Angela Merkel's ruling CDU in three state elections. A victory for Martin Schulz in the upcoming federal elections seems increasingly unlikely. Law-and-order will dominate the next four months - a topic closely associated with the CDU. So are there any real alternatives to another grand coalition?

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19/04/2017 KNE

The ten minutes that changed Trump’s mind

Trump isn’t a normal president. His unpredictability could prompt Beijing to tighten its act on Pyongyang. This might turn out to be a real asset in the conflict in the sense that it could convince Beijing to abandon tolerating Kim Jong-un’s erratic behaviour.

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11/04/2017 KNE

Why you shouldn’t bet on Marine Le Pen’s victory

Le Pen is the wrong populist candidate to bet on in the next big election. She is unlikely to win and the returns for her entering the second round are extremely low. Rather, you should bet your money on the radical left candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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07/04/2017 KNE

Could 2017 be the year of the Russian Spring?

It should be profoundly worrying to the Kremlin that a young generation that only knows Putin and Medvedev as their leaders is not able to be controlled by propaganda and willing to demonstrate against the regime. Nonetheless, 2017 is pretty unlikely to end up in history books as the year of the Russian Spring.

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26/03/2017 KNE

Yemen's forgotten war

The Saudi-led coalition has been waging an immensely expensive war for the last two yeas in the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula. Yet the prospects for peace seem further away as ever. The Trump administration desperately needs to rethink America's Yemen policy.

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27/02/2017 KNE

Trump’s hopeful North Korea approach

Donald Trump will have to give up his hawkish campaign rhetoric and accept the realities of diplomacy. Washington and Beijing must seize this narrow time window to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear programme.

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15/02/2017 KNE

Could a hard Brexit be an opportunity for the EU?

Theresa May’s decision to set pretty extreme red lines has limited London's negotiating position considerably. The EU-27 can use Britain’s confrontational strategy to prove that they are indeed capable of a unified response.

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02/02/2017 KNE

Indo-US relations under Trump

Trump seems surprisingly indifferent towards India considering its large outsourcing industry. Could this have something to do with his business interest in the country or his closeness to right-wing Hindu groups?

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31/01/2017 KNE

The New Special Relationship

Theresa May's desperate attempts at making Donald Trump post-Brexit Britain's most important partner will prove to be a dangerous political liability. 

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25/01/2017 KNE

Pollock Diplomacy

Farah Diba, the wife of the last Shah, was an avid collector of modern art. Just two years before the 1979 Islamic Revolution she opened the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art - one of the first museums solely dedicated to modern art and the largest collection outside of Europe and North America. Berlin's National Gallery and Rome's MAXXI joined forces to show 61 paintings from the permanent collection in December 2016. However, things didn't really go according to plan.

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13/12/2016 KNE

Trump's China Policy

It is still hugely unclear what exactly Donald Trump’s foreign policy stances as the next president of the US will be. The recent nomination of the chief executive of Exxon Mobil and BFF of Vladimir Putin, Rex Tillerson, as his preferred US secretary hints that realpolitik and deal-making will be Trump’s foreign policy of choice. While it is still uncertain what America’s new found love with Russia might look like in the future, Trump has made it quite clear that ties with China will fundamentally change.

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01/12/2016 KNE

White working-class angst

The EU referendum and the American elections have brought white working-class voters back to the global political arena. In the aftermaths of the two elections they have been blamed for making the decisive difference. Most strikingly about these elections is that this group's interests are very likely to be harmed by their votes. Yet they decided to vote against their traditional representatives. So what exactly went wrong? Where does the anger come from? And why has politics failed the white working-class so badly?

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26/10/2016 KNE

The destructive power of a regional parliament representing less than 1% of the EU

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the proposed free-trade agreement between Canada and the European Union, has been effectively brought to a halt by the regional parliament of Wallonia, the French speaking region of Belgium. Is CETA just as doomed as its more controversial brother, TTIP?

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19/10/2016 KNE